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麻薯 的評分: 5 (麻薯 的個人網頁)

2005-05-24 20:58 來自台灣麻薯有以下留言:


<站長> 的評分: 0 (<站長> 的個人網頁)

2005-05-25 00:04 來自香港<站長>有以下回應:

都是瑪雅,但屬不同時期,如 Tikal 的較 Chichen Itza 的要早。

麻薯 的評分: 5 (麻薯 的個人網頁)

2005-05-24 20:48 來自台灣麻薯有以下留言:


<站長> 的評分: 0 (<站長> 的個人網頁)

2005-05-25 00:12 來自香港<站長>有以下回應:


痲薯 的評分: 5 (痲薯 的個人網頁)

2005-05-25 19:31 來自台灣痲薯有以下回應:


<站長> 的評分: 0 (<站長> 的個人網頁)

2005-05-26 13:15 來自香港<站長>有以下回應:


KMY 的評分: 4 (KMY 的個人網頁)

2005-05-22 00:33 來自香港KMY有以下留言:

我打算9月中到cancun, 5天真的可以遊這麽多地方嗎?
是否需要join local tour?
墨西哥city 治安是否很差呢?
mexico, 特區護照是否需耍簽証?
可否提供意見? 謝謝!

<站長> 的評分: 0 (<站長> 的個人網頁)

2005-05-23 01:03 來自香港<站長>有以下回應:

美國 visa 是限時但不限次數的。

Mui Mui 的評分: 5 (Mui Mui 的個人網頁)

2005-05-22 00:15 來自香港Mui Mui有以下留言:

where can I get the Bolivia visa because I plan to go directly from HK to Bolivia?


<站長> 的評分: 0 (<站長> 的個人網頁)

2005-05-23 00:53 來自香港<站長>有以下回應:

Sorry, I don't know how to apply Bolivia visa in HK. That's why I went to Bolivia by land in 2003. I know someone had applied Bolivia visa in Santiago, Chile. This takes some time, however, and not worth doing unless you don't have BNO.

Tracy 的評分: 4 (Tracy 的個人網頁)

2005-05-20 02:57 來自香港Tracy有以下留言:


I am from Hong Kong.
I plan to spend 3 weeks in Peru & Bolivia.
Do you suggest me to arrange treking tour in HK beforehand or just find one when I arrive ther?


<站長> 的評分: 0 (<站長> 的個人網頁)

2005-05-20 12:53 來自香港<站長>有以下回應:

You should be able to join tour easily after arrival.

chiu ching 的評分: 4 (chiu ching 的個人網頁)

2005-05-20 01:03 來自香港chiu ching有以下留言:

剛從cancun回來, 5天內一次過去了chichen itza, ek balam, uxmal, kabah, xlapak, tulum, coba, muyil.
仲玩了deep sea fishing,我嘔到七彩,幸好男友釣到white merlin給我拍照呀. :p
xelha都好正...snorkelling, floating on a river, plant nursary...

american airlines:香港至dallas轉機至cancun $8,300;
continental airlines:香港至new york轉機至cancun $13,000:
大家都是美國的航空公司, 都要轉機一個站的了...何解價錢還是相差$5,000呢?真不明白!

wkalo 的評分: 4 (wkalo 的個人網頁)

2005-05-16 21:56 來自香港wkalo有以下留言:

多謝你的旅遊資料,參考後我有idea應該計劃行程,請問你去墨西哥兩次一共去了多少日,另危地馬拉也去了多少天?看LP 說危地馬拉不太安全,很多搶劫,有什麼要留意呢?是否要把貴重物件存放旅館safe? safe安全嗎?

Tino 的評分: 5 (Tino 的個人網頁)

2005-05-15 17:20 來自台灣Tino有以下留言:

I have several trips to central / southern America in 2003, 2005, and 2005.

Your website remind me a lot, specially the blue
shy, white cloud, old civilization, friendly people....
It likes a another world for me now.

Thanks !!

Peggy 的評分: 3 (Peggy 的個人網頁)

2005-05-15 13:02 來自香港Peggy有以下留言:

I have two weeks holiday in September 2005 and planning to go to Cuba. No idea of anything. Please give advice. Thanks.

venus 的評分: 4 (venus 的個人網頁)

2005-05-11 11:20 來自香港venus有以下留言:

Dear all,
I am planning to visit mexico or chile in July and August, which place is more suitable at that time? Will it be too cold to visit the southern park of chile? Are there any good guide book in Chinese recommended? I will spend about 3 weeks there? Are there any site seeing point highly recommended? Thank a lot!

<站長> 的評分: 0 (<站長> 的個人網頁)

2005-05-11 13:12 來自香港<站長>有以下回應:

Yes, southern parks of chile will be too cold at that moment. For SA, I only know a newer Chinese guidebook called 《Hola! 南美》. So no comparison, but surely much less detailed than English ones. For Mexico, I know that Taiwan's Mook has a guidebook, but I haven't read it.

JENNIFER 的評分: 4 (JENNIFER 的個人網頁)

2005-05-06 21:39 來自香港JENNIFER有以下留言:

想問一問, 我打算去秘魯旅遊, 但共只得 14 天時間 (交通時間); 不知夠不夠時間去以下的地方呢"

利馬, 庫斯科, 馬丘比丘, 納斯卡線

另我只有一個人去, 有什麼應該要注意呢?

<站長> 的評分: 0 (<站長> 的個人網頁)

2005-05-07 09:41 來自香港<站長>有以下回應:

可以。我的時間更少,所以才覺得「唔夠喉」,可依我 1996 年的行程延長遊覽時間。


Rita 的評分: 0 (Rita 的個人網頁)

2005-05-03 11:28 來自香港Rita有以下留言:

Lastest news about Visa to Bolivia

I have just back from Peru on 1 May 2005. We intended to start our South America trip from La Paz (Bolivia). However, while we were on tranisit in Tokyo (Narita Airport)on 26 Mar 2005, the AA staff stopped us from boarding on the plane to La Paz via Miami and LA cos they said that a visa to Bolivia is required for the BNO holder as BNO holder is Chinese citizen.

We have no way out but were foreced to stop in Tokyo for a few days to sort out the visa problem. We have gone to the Bolivia Embassy in Tokyo and their reply was a visa is required for BNO holder and we have to apply it in Beijing.

I would like to post this message to advise people who want to fly to La Paz directly from Hong Kong have to check carefully with the Bolivia Embassy whether a Visa is required. It seems that BNO is OK for entering into Bolivia via Chile and Peru. But, a direct flight to Boliva may have problem.


<站長> 的評分: 0 (<站長> 的個人網頁)

2005-05-03 15:17 來自香港<站長>有以下回應:


我也發現玻利維亞不在 BNO 免簽證國家名單內 (雖然香港出版的旅遊書說免簽證),我亦是因擔心被航空公司留難而不敢直飛玻利維亞,改為取道秘魯 Puno。想不到這不幸事真的會發生在你們身上。

我覺得主要問題不在入境時而在登機 (我 2003 年最終也從智利直飛拉巴斯,入境亦很順利。) 我另一次往危地馬拉也是因此不敢直飛而取道墨西哥。

其實拉丁美洲應還有一些國家都有類似情況,是入境官員誤以為 BNO 即是英國護照才給予免簽證入境,並不是官方上免簽證。

Rita 的評分: 0 (Rita 的個人網頁)

2005-05-03 16:42 來自香港Rita有以下回應:

Dear Webmaster,

Sorry that I am not good at Chinese input, thus I could only post the message in English.

It was really a painful experience and that's why I decided to let other people know about it via your popular web page.

We had finally spent 4 nights in Japan to wait for the end of the Easter Holiday in Hong Kong and ask our ticket agent to re-route our ticket from La Paz to Lima, the cost of re-routing is 100 US Dollars for each ticket. However, the cost of spending 4 nights in Japan is very expensive and we had lost our chance to visit Bolivia, we really want to go to the "Salt Lake". It is really not easy to travel in S. Am, must have some luck.


<站長> 的評分: 0 (<站長> 的個人網頁)

2005-05-04 10:55 來自香港<站長>有以下回應:



Jiff 的評分: 5 (Jiff 的個人網頁)

2005-05-02 22:52 來自香港Jiff有以下留言:


<站長> 的評分: 0 (<站長> 的個人網頁)

2005-05-03 14:30 來自香港<站長>有以下回應:


我相信南美洲不時有新建的酒店,可能要在網上找。我沒聽過六月有甚麼大節日,或可到 找找看。

chiu ching 的評分: 4 (chiu ching 的個人網頁)

2005-05-01 03:51 來自香港chiu ching有以下留言:

continental airlines 經new york 往cancun來回要$13,000呀!!!
american airlines最平可以$8300...
why such a great difference?

V&C 的評分: 0 (V&C 的個人網頁)

2005-05-02 09:39 來自TaiwanV&C有以下回應:

直達機票-貴但不用擔心時間;趕班次及多次搬運行李加檢查等!轉機機票-便宜但缺點就是有直達機票的問題囉及機上服務不是粉好的etc.!~一種價錢一種值得!永遠是差距很大及不一樣的! 我是從網路american airlines等訂購的,從台灣出發及因為我有要事在身所以我去墨西哥前已飛美國好幾個城市了!我是買轉機機票便宜但很累,你要注意的是有些短線飛行是不附餐點只有喝的及小包餅乾若你餓要自己準備免得趕來趕去到時看別人吃會很痛苦的......

V&C 的評分: 0 (V&C 的個人網頁)

2005-05-02 09:46 來自TaiwanV&C有以下回應:


V&C 的評分: 4 (V&C 的個人網頁)

2005-04-28 11:33 來自TaiwanV&C有以下留言:

We've been to Cancun and stayed in the Isla Mujeres for 2 weeks. There is a nice/beautiful island for short time to relax but I'll suggest you that only spend 1 week is fine. And because of there is out of city so every costs are not so cheap! But if you aren't a asian may be the price and cost for you is not big deal and too expensive! Because every countries exchange rate are different! We felt they were robbed us! If you choose offer a trip alone and not join tourist agency that you can't real enjoy some of fun at the island! For example: we'd like to see and play with dolphins etc. but when we were inquired the enter ticket that a real surprised us!! The ticket have several type prices but just enter and have a look that is expensive already! Sorry, I forgot the price. And I learned diving from there and the teacher was not gentle and nice! I was afraid and cry sometimes to continue my course but I've too becasue the money is spent and not so cheap!! However, for me is I don't have good impressions! May be for my bf is OK!
We went to Chichen Itza also. But you must to know the bus schedule before you were plan to go there, otherwise you will waste more time on your trip.
I believe the Mexcio is nice/beautiful country just whatever where you want to go to have a nice trip that you must have enough preparations!!!

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