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小小尾巴 的評分: 5 (小小尾巴 的個人網頁)

2004-07-17 05:36 來自中國GZ小小尾巴有以下留言:

非常非常喜欢你的网站!!!对于你呢,崇拜,佩服,羡慕,嫉妒。。。哈哈,别介意,JUST A JOKE!
2004。7。17 凌晨5:37

diana 的評分: 4 (diana 的個人網頁)

2004-07-12 17:46 來自中國diana有以下留言:

hi,old dreamer,
I really appreciate your effort to introduce latinamerica to people!! I would like to help those who are interested in that part of the world too.
The most striking city I vistied in mexico is not mexico city,not guadalajara, not cancun, it is morelia. About 3 hours by car from Mexico city. It is very impressive. So I d like to share my pleasure with your visitors.

22th of Dccember 2003
Today we drove to morelia,a very typical city with colonial style. All the block are straighted organized, the houses are of barroque style, with porches, patios and high ceilings. The church is very grand with two towers. The outside walls of the building are all careful decorated. At night, when all the lights are turned on, we feel we are walking at mid-age France.Many building, especially the cathedral, the lights are very exquisitely arranged. The small spotlights project the light at the bottom
from propriate angles.
At the central plaza. there is a very beautiful fountain,around which all the trees are decorated with colorful lights. soft music flows out from the trees.Since it is near X'mas, at the center of the plaza, a construction is establishes with the figures of Bible.
What makes me most amazed is the design of the streets. Although they were built 3 centuries ago, all are in very good condition and still very convenient even for today's traffic. The vihicles flow on the streets smoothly. All the buildings are of natural and light color, principly grey and beige.
It is a historical city with all the convenience for modern world, with perfect design, dynamis and rustic life.

<站長> 的評分: 0 (<站長> 的個人網頁)

2004-07-13 12:15 來自香港<站長>有以下回應:

Thank you for your sharing, Diana. It seems that you've visited Mexico for a long time. How long did you stay there? Did you visit other Latin America countries?

diana 的評分: 0 (diana 的個人網頁)

2004-07-14 10:05 來自中國diana有以下回應:

hi, banzhu,
i stayed there for one year. We drove a car to travel through those states. I also visited Cuba. but other latin countries, no. I may go there for another year next year,I d like to visit other sA countries during my stay.

diana 的評分: 4 (diana 的個人網頁)

2004-07-12 16:48 來自中國diana有以下留言:

the northern part of Mexico, there are also some very interesting places, "the route of independence":gueretaro,san miguel de allende, dolores idalgo, guanajuato, if you have a car, driving through these cities would be very pleasant; also morelia( the colonial style and most scientifical design!!),guadalajara (Mariach, music and lesure), and those beaches along pacific ocean( but cannot be compared with Cancun).
Just would like to help those are interested in Cultures of latinamerida. further questions, feel free to contact:

diana 的評分: 4 (diana 的個人網頁)

2004-07-12 16:35 來自中國diana有以下留言:

Those places of interest of Mexico: mexico city then to the south, you can go to Veracruz(the famous port), oaxaca( very tipical town of indian people with the famous Monte alban),then pass through there to Chiapas(you can also travel through the border to Guatemala,if you like), later to Yucatan(cancun,merida, uxmal, isla de mujeres, etc). If you still have time, go to cuba from Cancun. The air travel is short and economical.
You can take bus in Mexico city, it is very convenient. Do not worry, at the center of each city there is plenty of tourism information offered free. you can also find local tourist group after arriving there.

diana 的評分: 0 (diana 的個人網頁)

2004-07-12 16:23 來自chinadiana有以下留言:

I visited your website, but the speed was very slow. I could not visit all of the pages. But It seems that the contents are not very plentiful. Only the travelogs? I wonder If I want to add something, such as FAQ,some travelogs about Cuba, mexico, Guatemala etc?
Just some suggestions as a friend. I love cultures of latinamerica very much.


Henry 的評分: 0 (Henry 的個人網頁)

2004-06-04 17:35 寫上來自HKHenry有以下留言:

Hi there,

Great website! I also went backpacking in
South America in 2002 and had a wonderful time there. My website detailing my journey has
been put online over a week ago. Feel free
to visit :

Hope my experience will help those who are
still intimidated by the idea of
travelling to SA!


<站長> 的評分: 0 (<站長> 的個人網頁)

2004-06-04 21:46 來自香港<站長>有以下回應:

Sorry that your URL is longer than the system allowed length. Anyway, I've fix your link and it is working now.

Your site is very good. I've added to my related links.

Tabby 的評分: 0 (Tabby 的個人網頁)

2004-06-02 19:18 來自台灣Tabby有以下留言:


Tabby 的評分: 0 (Tabby 的個人網頁)

2004-06-02 17:38 來自台灣Tabby有以下留言:


<站長> 的評分: 0 (<站長> 的個人網頁)

2004-06-02 18:12 來自香港<站長>有以下回應:


Florencia 的評分: 5 (Florencia 的個人網頁)

2004-05-29 16:14 來自台灣Florencia有以下留言:


mi 的評分: 0 (mi 的個人網頁)

2004-05-29 02:20 來自台灣mi有以下留言:


到時入境會被批準嗎, 還是需要有什麼文件或證明

<站長> 的評分: 0 (<站長> 的個人網頁)

2004-05-29 10:41 來自香港<站長>有以下回應:


mi 的評分: 0 (mi 的個人網頁)

2004-05-29 17:38 來自台灣mi有以下回應:


你好用心~ 我會再問看看的,因為我有打算去2個月,

MING 的評分: 5 (MING 的個人網頁)

2004-05-27 11:44 來自墨西哥MING有以下留言:


i am in mexico too, i want to travel in mexico,can you give your e-mail to me?i have some question ask you,thank you very much.

my email:
my QQ : 1149812

thank you very much.

diana 的評分: 4 (diana 的個人網頁)

2004-05-26 12:05 來自中國diana有以下留言:


<站長> 的評分: 0 (<站長> 的個人網頁)

2004-05-27 12:13 來自香港<站長>有以下回應:

如果不太長又不嫌棄可在這留言版分享你的經驗,否則你可能要到找一些免費的網頁寄存了 (如。

ada 的評分: 0 (ada 的個人網頁)

2004-05-19 13:34 來自香港ada有以下留言:


點不小 的評分: 5 (點不小 的個人網頁)

2004-05-18 21:40 來自台灣點不小有以下留言:

不好意思,因為學校要做地理報告,我要做阿茲特克文化,能否請站長提供我多一點資料,還有照片借我做報告,我會注明出處在我ㄉ報告上的!還有能請站長給我你對於阿茲特克文化的一些感想和意見呢?? 還有能推薦我一些關於介紹阿茲特克文化ㄉ網站嗎??
感激不盡 THANKS!!

ADA 的評分: 0 (ADA 的個人網頁)

2004-05-17 13:25 來自香港ADA有以下留言:


<站長> 的評分: 0 (<站長> 的個人網頁)

2004-05-17 17:46 來自香港<站長>有以下回應:


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